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Text Messaging—Infographic

I found this infographic at You guys) and thought it is worth sharing. It is compact and knowledgeble. Idea of infographic is fantastic. If made properly, can serve as a great resource for everyone and above all its a great way to sum up knowledge and information. This way readers find it interesting and can remember well.

We all are addicted to text messaging and why not be?, its is the easiest way to communicate. We can’t ring friends for each sillest thing and it also doesn’t cost us much. Text messaging allow us to be stay connected with friends and peers without being bored. Its fast, mobile and u can even use in LIBRARY(Thank god:P).



Building Online Brand

Though i am new to this space but during my project for knowledge management course i explored this domain(building online brand) and found out that its actually (or definitely) very useful for any online business or blog or website. During my research i mostly focused on ‘What should be the strategy to attract more visitors to a website’ or ‘How to Build a quality  website’.

Purpose for any website is to attract valuable(or genuine) customers or visitors (neither less nor fake). Keeping your intends clear helps lot. Attracting unwanted crowd, just for the sake of  counts,  should not be the purpose of any serious online venture. So increasing hits and page views should not be the goal because these are not appropriate measure to know popularity of your website rather  attract worthy and targeted audience who eventually gets converted into clients.


->Increasing Hits.

->Increasing page views.

Focus on:

->Increasing sessions.

->Increasing unique visitors.

While building website its not all about making leap ahead in terms of coding, its more than that. There are processes to look upon to host a quality website.

Whats quality website??

Quality website is one that people want to visit and link to.

There are two versions of quality—–

1. How visitors assess your site.

2. How search engine views your site.

These two quality parameters are the coefficients which must be looked upon while hosting online business.

Keeping in mind these two coefficients I develop a small research instrument (mainly to fulfill my course credits requirement :P) which can help you give some insight to make a useful or quality website and i call it ‘website information architecture’  which covers three important pillars towards building online brand.

  • DESIGN—–Effort To Impose A Meaningful Order.
  • BEHAVIORIAL ANALYSIS—-Know Your Online Visitors Intend.
  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO)—–Reflecting Consciousness And Connecting Commerce.
Presentation which i created is amalgamation of my online research and includes views of many beautiful people who
unknowingly contributed to my education process. I thank all of them through this post.

Download PPT here:

Website Information Architecture

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