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About ME

Student of computer science and mathematics and is passionate about internet computing and mobile computing. Working as a Full Stack Developer (NodeJS, MongoDB, AngularJS) with Orangetwig in New Delhi, India.

I believe in information power and looking forward to exchange the same with diverse group of people.

There are many people who remain ignorant through life, of the opportunities they could had, just because of lack of appropriate information. This is common mainly in small town near New Delhi and other places and i dream of bridging this gap. Right information at right time can make a big difference in anyone’s life. There are many dogma’s which are living in the society which affect students and their opinions directly or indirectly and because of which we are living in fear and dilemma and avoid taking risks. We want to take the most tapped path and want securities in terms of money and career  whether that is at the cost of giving away our interests. And not only in terms of  career, we are living in fear from our peers as well because of which we avoid sharing knowledge and become paranoid which is not a good sign and will definitely destroy our progress. There is so much to learn from our environment and everyone around. Everyone is born with different set of skills and talent and have something unique to give to the society. And I thank Allah for this diverseness because this is what makes us beautiful and unique creation.

So embrace this life and learn, explore, share, challenge yourself, enjoy and make this world beautiful place to live for everyone.

“We fear that if another wins, we must lose. We fear that there just isn’t enough abundance and prosperity in the world for everyone. We fear that if we genuinely help another person, we will somehow lose something rather than seeing the truth behind this lie which is that there more we help other the more abundance will flood into our lives.” -Unknown


2 thoughts on “About ME

  1. so r u doing something or not means any business or job

  2. Yes. I am in love with computer science and Taekwondo. 🙂

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