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The gap b/w taste and skill …

Believe me it is the most inspiring piece of work, for the people who are trying to be the Best. I watched it over and over again. If you are a hustler, you’ll fall in love with the process of building your creative genius, from novice to expert. Hustle  more, do lot of work … close the gap. Thank you Ira Glass, for telling learners, which nobody else does.



Power of data…

I saw this  ted talk a year back and i was amazed with the possibilities data provide us to explore. I have never seen such kind of presentation of data. I was like ‘amazing amazing amazing’.  I suppose that is why people call him statistics guru, hats off to you sir Hans Rosling, you are an inspiration.



Why, How, What…

I believe these are the most important three words which can effect our approach towards product development. If you can answer them, they can make process of building anything purposeful. This is my take on it, you can have yours.

Simon Sinek  explains it with golden circle. I simply love the idea.

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